LGBTQ2+ Workplace Inclusion

It's time to walk the talk.

Train your organization in LGBTQ2+ Inclusion.

Despite Great Progress in the Last Decade

Biphobia, homophobia and transphobia still exist in the workplace and remain under-represented in diversity and inclusion conversations. Only 59% of organizations communicate strong leadership message on the importance of LGBTQ2+ inclusion in the workplace to all employees.
While only...


of organizations consider LGBTQ2+-inclusive diversity and inclusion as required knowledge for manager roles.


of organizations have their people managers undergo advanced training on LGBTQ2+ issues relevant to their role.


of organizations expect managers to make resources and guidance available to LGBTQ2+ employees.

Introducing LGBTQ2+ Workplace Inclusion Training

Become LGBTQ2+ Workplace Inclusion Certified. Gain the knowledge and understanding to act, speak, and treat all people fairly.

LGBTQ2+ 101

Build an inclusive foundation

Designed for all employees at any level of your organization to provide them with a fundamental understanding of the history, terms, and phrases associated with LGBTQ2+ identities. Available in French & English.

LGBTQ2+ Workplace
Inclusion Certificate

Drive Inclusive Change

Be the leader to influence your organization's LGBTQ2+ inclusion strategies and scale beyond an ERG with the LGBTQ2+ Workplace Inclusion Certificate.

Why Enroll in Our E-Learning?

Our approach to e-learning is immersive and interactive. With a focus on keeping participants highly engaged, our courses drive knowledge retention and inspire participants to take action. Additionally, our courses are:


Expert insight and proven practices have been selectively brought together to bring you the best content


This self-paced program can be started at anytime from anywhere to match your hiring schedule


The online format removes all travel, accommodations, and classroom costs to increase accessibility

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