LGBTQ2+ Workplace Inclusion Certificate

Establish yourself as a powerful LGBTQ2+ ally in your workplace.

About the Course

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3 hours
90 days
$200 / license
Of completion
3 CPD credits

The LGBTQ2+ Workplace Inclusion Certificate is designed for you to create inclusive environment for yourselves and your coworkers. In the course, you will gain an understanding of what LGBTQ2+ inclusion is and how organizations can create safer and more inclusive workplaces, create an employee resource groups, engage allies, combate homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying and more.

What You'll Learn?

Vocabulary and Terminology

Vocabulary and terminology associated with LGBTQ2+ identities for use in Canadian workplaces

LGBTQ2+ Allies

How to structure an Employee Resource Group for LGBTQ2+ members and measure its success


When and how to intervene in LGBTQ2+ discrimination, harassment and bullying

Who is this for?

Our alumni are the difference makers, diversity initiative champions, and the pioneers of an inclusive world.

Human Resources

Take a powerful stand for inclusion in your organization and spring into action.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups

Sharpen your diversity knowledge and increase your ERG's impact.

People Managers

People Managers

Lead and empower your team with confidence to focus on results.

What Others Are Saying

Julia Whish

"This course is so valuable for companies to take part in. Taking this course is an important step in ensuring we create a safe space for employees to come to each day, where they can truly be themselves and feel at home."

Julie Whish

Culture Specialist at Uberflip

Kinsey Powell

"If you want to become a more knowledgeable ally, friend, professional, and activist, I highly recommend this course. It is approachable, informative, and even has its comedic moments.

Kinsey Powell

Commercial Account Manager at RBC

Chloe Tarbet

"As an HR professional, I'm constantly looking for ways on how to create and build a more inclusive, respectful workplace. This course was engaging and it gave me both the knowledge and tools to confidently speak to and be an active ambassador and ally for inclusive workplaces."

Chloe Tarbet

HR Generalist at Bench

Earn 3 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits from HRPA by completing this certificate!

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Course Overview


In this introductory module you'll explore some key dates in the history of LGBTQ2+ rights in Canada, become more confident with terminology and vocabulary associated with LGBTQ2+ identities, and gain an understanding of the distinctions between sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

During this lesson, participants will:
  • Gain understanding of the responsibilities managers have to themselves, their team and their organization.
  • Become more confident with the vocabulary and terminology associated with LGBTQ2+ identities
  • Explore key dates in the history of LGBTQ2+ rights in Canada
  • Understand how this information relates to Canadian workplaces

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