LGBT 101: History, Terms, and Phrases

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Developed by industry experts in LGBT Workplace Inclusion, Pride at Work Canada created LGBT 101 as an introductory course to set the foundation of an LGBT inclusive culture. It was created out of the demand from Pride at Work Canada’s National Partners to have a scalable training solution that would establish a consistent LGBT terms and phrases that everyone can use (from a place of understanding).

What You'll Learn?

Terms and phrases associated with LGBT identities for use in Canadian workplaces

LGBT History in Canada from the Stonewall Riots to Bill C-16

How to differentiate terms under Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression

Who is this for?


This course has been created to give the minimal foundational training that every employee should hold within LGBT inclusive organizations.


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Course Outline


In this introductory module you'll explore some key dates in the history of LGBT rights in Canada, become more confident with terminology and vocabulary associated with LGBT identities, and gain an understanding of the distinctions between sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

During this lesson, participants will:
  • Gain understanding of the responsibilities managers have to themselves, their team and their organization.
  • Become more confident with the vocabulary and terminology associated with LGBT identities
  • Explore key dates in the history of LGBT rights in Canada
  • Understand how this information relates to Canadian workplaces

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